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Personal advice and consultation how to use the fitterbrain methode by Prof. Schiftan (phone, Skype, email).

60 CHF/30 minutes

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What is fitterbrain?

Fitterbrain is an anti-stress device that was especially developed to reduce stress and is based on Prof. Dr. Y. Schiftan’s Musica Medica® Method.

The Method

The method involves acoustic stimulation of the body and mind using music and simultaneous stimulation using vibration in order to relieve pain and reduce stress.

Relaxation in 30 days

The relaxation programme with fitterbrain envisages a period of 30 minutes per day over a period of 30 days. Find out how to use it.

The inventor

From veterinarian to pedagogue. Prof. Dr. Y. Schiftan researched animals and came across a method that helps to relieve stress.

Interview “Thurgauer Nachrichten”

Mr. Schiftan, you have developed a therapy for Alzheimer's disease. How does a veterinarian get Alzheimer's heal? As usual in life, sometimes fateful strikes decide about the life orientation. I suffered at the end of 1996 when I was still a practicing veterinarian a...